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January’s Fundraising: ? Datafolio (4,3M€), Power of Moss (1M€), Pennylane (50M€) ?

16 février 2022

Datafolio fundraising

Money doesn’t grow on trees, who are bare of leaves this time of year… But that doesn’t stop our startups from making it well before spring! Meet Datafolio, Power of Moss and Pennylane!

Datafolio fundraising


Datafolio is an InsurTech and a data-oriented company created at Euratechnologies in February, 2020 by Yuri Narozniak and Emmanuel Pierron, two cofounders who previously worked for big corporations in the insurance business, such as Groupama and Axa. This year, Datafolio raised €4.3M in seed and just launched its all-mobility pay-as-you-go insurance through mobility industry’s VCs and business angels. Datafolio’s business model is based on a mobile device technology, which collects data with sensors and GPS, in order to calculate the right insurance fit for the real risk of exposure and depending on the means of transportation (bike, kick scooter, motorcycle…). The activation of the insurance is automatic and can be taken out per journey, for one month, or on a rechargeable basis. This is the first « on-demand and automatic pocket insurance », at a fair price. Datafolio’s team now includes 17 persons and is growing fast. The funds raised will be dedicated to develop the product and marketing in Italy and France, and to improve the user-experience.

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Pennylane fundraising


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Power of Moss fundraising


Power of Moss

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