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In October, it’s raining Series A and B with Alvie (1M€), Core For Tech (3,5M€) and Clever Connect (30M€) ?

10 novembre 2021

Fundraising Startups EuraTech

They’ve succeeded in getting out of the Covid’s torment and ended up 2021 with a fundraising: AgTech (Alvie), HRTech (Clever Connect) and DeepTech (Core For Tech) are 3 startups to pay attention to. Watch out!

Clever Connect fundraising

HRTech: Clever Connect raised 30 M €

Created in 2014 by Louis Coulon and Gonzague Lefebvre, HRTech startup Clever Connect (ex-VisioTalent) is a part of EuraTech’s story: « Since we are here, we made friends all over EuraTech’s ecosystem, with a great deal of amazing companies, such as Déj’Box, Critizr, Adictiz, and others. We named ourselves « The Ponies » when the term « unicorn » emerged, because, before aspiring to become a unicorn, we knew we had to be ponies » explained Clever Connect’s CEO, Gonzague Lefebvre.

Clever Connect was at first a video interview solution, based on the principle that resumes are not enough to figure out if a job applicant matches the position or not. Clever Connect’s story is written on EuraTech’s walls and the founder’s team followed in 2016 the highly regarded EuraTechnologies – Stanford Entrepreneurship & Innovation training, famous for its ability to drive entrepreneurs through a both psychological and growing process and to bring them to excel in what they do: « We developed our ambition there«  stressed out Gonzague Lefebvre.

To become what they expected to be which is: market leaders, they merged with Meteojob. At this time (2016), they were 50, they are now 200 and are looking for no more than 150 talents! 50 of these jobs positions are for applicants from abroad and 100 of them are for software experts.

Clever Connect will be recruiting at Talent Fair next November, 18th : 

Clever Connect has since opened desk offices in Spain and Italy. Their bigger investor for this roundtable is German, which is the best for Clever Connect’s CEO: « There are two main countries in the recruitment segment: France and Germany. If we are leaders in France and Germany, we’ll become European leaders as well » he said.

Clever Connect’s goal is now to enhance the recruitment process through AI and improve the way job seekers apply for a job and make the process easier. Jobs, jobs, jobs! Let’s go, champs!

Read the press release for Clever Connect’s fundraising 

Core for tech fundraising

DeepTech: Core For Tech raised 3,5 M €

Born from public medical research in 2015, Core For Tech is a DeepTech startup at heart that started at Eurasanté’s and joined EuraTech in 2019. Core For Tech aims at preventing falling asleep while driving and focused its commercialization upon B2B vehicles fleet owners. Core For Tech is also working with the automotive industry to onboard its solution within all new vehicles, thanks to a partnership with the European Commission.

Core For Tech technology says its technology is twice more efficient than all the other standards on the market, thanks to its AI algorithms: « With data collection, we can quantify the probability of a driver to fall asleep at the earliest signals, thanks to a connected watch and a mobile app, which receive heartbeats data in real-time from the driver. With this, we are able to detect the risks 15 to 20 minutes before the driver falls asleep« .

With this fundraising, Core For Tech intends to recruit the best talents (12 tech and sales profiles), to grow fast and irrigate the market before the others, with the best technology. What are they looking for if you want to apply? Culture fit and strong ownership values. 

Press Release Core For Tech

Alvie fundraising

AgTech: Alvie raised 1 M €

Read the press release for Alvie’s fundraising
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