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Go/Python CDI Startup H/F Fabriks - à Lille

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We build the first supplier and manufacturer search engine that aggregates products from thousands of websites. helps people find the best suppliers and manufacturers for their projects and compare their products.

For performance and maintainability, we developed our crawler from scratch in Go and deployed it on dedicated servers. Our data processing pipeline is written in python.

Fabriks is a startup founded in 2016 October by Karl Leicht and Alexis Messier. Today, Fabriks is profitable and is backed by three investors.

Our Stack:

  • Go for our crawlers and our main API (Gin, Swagger, Logrus, Postman)
  • Python for data and machine learning (Numpy, Pandas, Tensorflow)
  • Postgres, Bigquery, Elasticsearch, Redis
  • Prometheus, Grafana
  • Graylog
  • 80% dedicated servers, 20% cloud
  • Linux (ubuntu)
  • Github
  • Vscode
  • Monorepo
  • No microservices


  • A completed project in Python or Go
  • A Go experience is not required for this job (but the will to learn is^^)
  • You’ve 2+ years of experience in tech environment (first job accepted)
  • You’re pragmatic and autonomous
  • You want to learn more about crawling, searching and machine learning
  • You’re a problem solver and a doer
  • You’re able to write in English (doc, comments, code, etc)

Working culture:

  • We value results over abstraction and frameworks
  • We avoid meetings
  • We track work done and work to be done in a Github project on a weekly basis


  • Tech ADN
  • Startup with a truly scalable model and user-centric approach
  • Good health insurance (alan)
  • High-end laptop (Dell XPS or Macbook)


  • Salary: 35k (CDI)
  • Lille, France, Euratechnologies
  • Position available from 2018 September, 1.

If you’re interested, please send a short email to

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