Publié le 25/04/2017

Backend developer EQUISENSE - à Lille

Backend Developer (F/H)
  • CDI
  • Lille

  • Publié il y a 1 année
  • Salaire:
    35-45 k€ selon profil
  • Date de prise en fonction:
  • Expérience souhaitée:
    Entre 1 et 3 ans


Develop and maintain Equisense Backend  

  • Extending the data storing

For the moment we have primary information storage mainly for users profiles, horses and training data. We are about to design social interactions, in-app contents, and gamification right in the app. It will increase the backend complexity. We are hiring a backend developer to face this challenge.

  • Provide a gorgeous API to the mobile developers

Systems and Quality

  • You will be in charge of the system administration and hosting

The backend is hosted on Amazon Web Services, leveraging different services for the data storage

  • QA

We offer premium user experiences. You will test the backend along its development so that it remains stable once in production

  • Data processing

There are algorithms both on the backend, on the sensor itself and on the mobile app. You will work closely with the R&D team to integrate the data-processing on the backend


Academic background: Backend development experience

Professional experience: 2 years +

  • Specific skills:

Databases: SQL, MongoDB

  • Mindset & qualities:

Focus on code quality, maintainability without hindering the ability to deliver fast
Hacker mindset and good coding velocity

Apart from this few specific qualities, take a look at our startup culture and be sure that it matches with your mindset. Culture fit and team spirit are mandatory for us!

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