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iOS developer [internship 3-6 mois] EQUISENSE - à Lille

Backend Developer (F/H)
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Developing the iOS app

  • UI/UX integration

You will work closely with the mobile and product team to aggregate the data and present them in gorgeous interfaces. The big projects that we have for the next months are:
– Developing a timeline with data reports, social interactions and contents (like you can have in Strava or Withings)
– Implementing training cards and programs to help riders progress. That means navigation screen to find the right exercise
– Onboarding and customer success features

  • Integrating data analyze algorithms

There are algorithms both on the backend, on the sensor itself and on the mobile app. You will work closely with the R&D team to integrate the GPS data and the data-processing on the app and also the backend team to display the best valuable information.

Maintaining and testing

  • QA & release process

We provide premium user experience; it requires great design and user research but also conscientious integration and a top quality. Releasing reliable products will be part of your mission.
We have a greatly engaged beta-community, they are on a Facebook groups and we provide a Trello roadmap so they can express themselves. You will work closely with them during the testing and the release process. Transparency and quality are one of our leitmotivs.

  • UX optimizations

You will work with the product team to get and analyze data, setup analytics tools and be part of the UX improvement process.


  • Academic background: Engineering school
  • Specific skills:

iOS development (swift)
English basic skills

  • Mindset & quality:

Autonomous and rigorous
UX sensibility

Apart from this few specific qualities, take a look at our startup culture and be sure that it matches with your mindset. Culture fit and team spirit are mandatory for us!

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