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November’s Fundraising: Let it snow ❄️ Hop3Team (1M€), Unlimitd (5M€) and Algar (3,2M €)

8 décembre 2021

Unlimitd fundraising

Winter is coming and startups are collecting (the money). If you’re looking for hot tech trends and amazing founders, stay here and read! Check out the latest fundraising.

FinTech: Unlimited raised 5 M €

Unlimitd Fundraising



Read the press release: Unlimitd raises 5 M €

PropTech: Algar raised 3,2 M €




At its first landing at EuraTech, Algar was under another name : « Permettez moi de construire », which sounded more like a prayer than a startup-nation name. But the goal was clear: PMDC aim was and still is: answering to the owner’s desperate calls and helping them getting rid of the unbereable amount of paper work they have to deal with whenever they want to build something. They started at EuraTech in 2017 and grew fast from the acceleration program to their own desk office in the industrial castle, in Lille, with 20 employees. The fundraising will allow Algar to open 4 to 6 new job positions (customer sucess manager, tech & product, sales BtoB…).

Algar is one of these companies which saw a « benefit » in the coronavirus crisis, as people saved money and were inclined to enhance their interior design or to build features for their houses, like a swimming pool or a new desk office for remote work. Their website audience got twice bigger.

EDF is Algar’s major investor in this roundtable. « Algar » is the result of a rebranding of Permettez Moi de Construire which now defines itself as a platform dedicated to cover every owner’s needs and the professionnal as well. The idea is to merge to a 50/50 Btob-BtoC market.

Algar was founded by Aurélien de Nunzio and Maxime Coucke.


Press release: Algar raises 3,2 M €

Hop3Team raised 1 M €

Hop3team fundraising


Laurent Bocquet, Hop3Team co-founder and CEO likes to define him and his partner as « EuraTech raw material », justified by their entrepreneurship timeline there, as they followed every steps of EuraTechnologies programs (incubation, acceleration, a 110 m² office renting…) : « We’re just waiting for a new program to pop, to follow it! » Laurent Bocquet told us, genuinely. Hop3Team is a Saas company which helps training centers businesses and training instructors to manage their courses.

The round table is not closed yet, Hop3Team is looking for more non-dilutive funds. In 2021, Hop3Team achieved a +460% growth,  which is 20% more than in 2020. The COVID year had a « booster » effect upon the training market’s digitalization, helped by live events sessions and the standardisation of remote work.

Hop3Team is actually hiring 2 new positions for its team (a junior sales, a digital marketing associate with strong analytics skills and a frontend developer) and intends to grow until 8 to 10 new team members, this growth encouraged by the last fundraising.

Hop3Team’s purpose is to become a market leader in the next 3 years: « When the french government will push ahead its will to harden the law and will ask the training professionals to give more and more data to be certified, we’ll be there to simplify and deliver what we know best: support » concluded Laurent Bocquet.

Read the press release: Hop3Team raises 1 M €

What happened in October : In october, it was raining Series A and B with Alvie, Clever Connect and Core For Tech

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