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CES 2022 Follow-up: 9 Northern French CEO’s will attend the Consumer Electronics Show

5 janvier 2022

CES 2022

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2022 is back on track and so does the Hauts-de-France regional delegation, with its 9 startups who flew to Vegas this week to bet on the US market and meet new investors. Meet our top 9 with 6 from EuraTech’s: not to be missed!

130 French Startups are attending CES 2022. It’s in this half back-to-coronavirus and half back-to-normal atmosphere that our Northern companies are going to represent France from abroad. But the opportunity to be seen and to network is still there. Maybe CES version 2022 will have a different taste, more rooted to its origins and closer to the small doers, as Big Tech were a lot to cancel their venue for COVID reasons? Hope for the best, our startups will rule this anyway!

CES 2022

EuraTechnologies was live to talk about the CES 2022

B SMart :


WEO – Hauts-de-France TV


WEO – Hauts-de-France TV


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  • Discover the 9 Northern French companies who flew to Vegas this year:


OverSoc CES 2022

OverSOC gives power back. We bring clarity and comprehension to the complex and scary cyber space. We bet on the latest technologies to provide a unique approach to defend our clients from cyber threats. We turned one in July 2021 and we have already raised over $1.3 million from a wide range of public and private investors who believe our purpose is right.

Smart Building Energies

CES 2022

« Open the door to a more intelligent and connected building. We’re a young start-up born in 2018 and dedicated to Smart Building. Our team supports you and your smart building’s projects through advices, implementations, and maintenance of automatized and informatized’s systems ».


SupplyLink CES 2022

The global transportation and logistics organization is extremely fragmented. Currently, all supply chain actors work individually, without communication or uniformity, with different informational systems. This organization causes a considerable loss of energy, time and money and consequently, a customer dissatisfaction. Especially with the multiplicity of non-mutualized exchanges and different actors, producing an overconsumption of CO2, which could be strongly reduced (for example, 30% of road transport runs empty in Europe and represents an overconsumption of more than 20 million tons of CO2, only for the road).

Our SupplyLink solution offers a 3-in-1 portal:

  • order management,
  • logistics network,
  • transportation.

An easy-to-use platform that adapts to the evolving needs of companies. A global solution, with local expertise, allowing an opening towards new territories and an optimization of the flows. The benefit? A closer relationship between the product and the consumer. The aim? Greater availability of products, reduced delivery times, environmentally responsible purchasing, and consequently, improved customer satisfaction. A new technology for a new world.


TradeIn CES 2022

Funded by Google for Startups, TradeIn is the only fintech that offers complete real-time payment risk management and cash flow financing solutions. We offer a collaborative platform for instant credit assessment of companies.

Source: Business France/ TradeIn

TradeIn is a collaborative payment risk management platform that provide real-time scoring of corporate creditworthiness based upon predictive AI & ML. Our Saas technology enable companies to :

• Improve their overdues managment

• Automate their credit management

• Perform a dynamic cash management

As an aggregator of financial, accounting and extra-financial data, TradeIn offers an all in-one platform & enriches the data available & decision making process on real time cash management. With a componentized approach, We offer to modern distribution channels (banks/insurance brokers/marketplaces), a new product to market, to consume & to sell new services, easy to deploy for their client. We are technology supplier, we offer our solutions to intermediaries such as financial institutions (banks, insurers), Accounting systems developpers (Intuit for instance), Lead Generations companies, B2B market places in order to:

• enrich their services with TradeIn

• use TradeIn to create qualified customer engagement • monitor better credit exposure (banks/insurers).

Read more: TradeIn raises 2 M € (seed)


UTech CES 2022

UTech is young company created by family caregivers, that dreams and designs digital solutions for eldercare in order to change the paradigm in the care of the 700 million elderly people in the world. To achieve this goal, UTech combines technological performance and human attention for homecare support to elderly people.

UTech combines technological performance and human attention for homecare support to elderly people. Our connected caregiver CLARA brings serenity at home, by identifying emergencies, risky situations and by preventing loss to facilitate communication and coordination between elderlies, families and professional caregivers.


Niryo CES 2022

Niryo is a French manufacturer of collaborative robots whose mission is to make robotics accessible. Known for their 6-axis collaborative robots, that you can find in the most prestigious universities, research centers and companies, Niryo now offers robots for the industrial market and SMEs.

For CES 2022, Niryo presents its new robot: Welcome, Ned 2!

Ned 2 is a collaborative 6-axis robot based on open-source technologies designed for higher education, vocational training and research laboratories. Made in France, it comes along with a full ecosystem oriented towards industry 4.0: a software that makes it easy to use, a vision set to work on AI, a conveyor belt, lots of documentation and much more.



Otonohm CES 2022

« It is by the software that we, Otonohm, contribute to a cleaner production. Energy sources that represent the batteries. Thanks to a worldwide patent, we over-perform the current, existing batteries by making them more powerful, more autonomous, intelligent, more secure, less polluting, etc… Otonohm is aimed at all producers or users of batteries from 1kw to 30kw, who are constantly looking for better performance, safety, while reducing their carbon footprint ».



‘Georide aims to become a key brand in the world of two-wheelers thanks to its unique ecosystem around the connected motorcycle » – Thomas Chambon, Founder of GeoRide. The best way to protect and connect your motorcycle. Founded in June 2018 and based in Toulouse, GeoRide quickly established itself as a leader in the world of connected motorcycles. our modern approach to this ancient motorized two-wheelers world is changing how enthusiasts are riding. Our mission is to modernize the motorcycle and to preserve the unique freedom it provides.

GeoRide produces a GPS tracker, a connected alarm and a crash detector.

2022 is the year for a launch in Europe and in the USA for GeoRide.

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