Publié le 10/11/2016

Backend Web Engineer - à Lille, EuraTechnologies

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  • Lille, EuraTechnologies

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  • Date de prise en fonction:
    As soon as possible
  • Expérience souhaitée:
    < 1 an
  • Fonction:
    Programmer / Engineer

Today, learning languages on the Internet leaves much to be desired. Don’t get us wrong, some of our competitors have put together some pretty great apps, well designed and beneficial to users. The problem with each of these solutions, however, is that you come, stay for a few months at max, and ultimately leave out of boredom. But why?

At (formerly « Wordzit »), we believe such solutions are lacking personalization: they push you to learn things you do not need to emphasize in your learning. Our mission is to change this. We want to help people acquire precisely the skills that they uniquely need while consuming the kind of content they’ve already established an interest in, including articles they would be reading anyway.

Does this sound like a worthy cause? Do you want to be a part of all the great stuff we’ve got going on? Well then we are very pleased to have made your acquaintance.

Backend Web Engineer

Take part in developing the most personalized language learning technology ever created. Oooh, bold statement…yeah, we know 😉
At, we are dedicated to motivating our users through a scientifically tailored and stimulating learning process. We are developing tools and exercises to train multiple language categories all while gamifying the process with a friendly element of competition. We still have lots of work to do in order to come up with and implement great new features in order to perfectly fit all of our users’ needs.

We are looking for exceptionally talented creative-types, brilliant minds, and restless overachievers. We especially appreciate those with a penchant for leading-edge technology, well-crafted products, clean design, and fine-tuned algorithms.

As for the stack, we are using a good chunk of Python (Django), some JS, and a dab of PostgresSQL. The app itself is running on Clever Cloud.

You are a well-groomed Pythonista and have previously done some pretty fancy things using Django. You are interested in gamification processes, language learning, as well as mastering new technologies.

Alternatively, you’ve carved out other amazing products using other languages or frameworks and would be keen on doing more of the same at

Competitive salaries, travel, and food expenses fully reimbursed.

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